I’ll hit china before I quit this grave.

If only.

Made this in college. Its a total Sylvain Chomet rip-off.

Alexis. She speaks fluent sailor and has a heart of gold. Today’s her birthday.

It is a very good day.

Same wish.

When I got home with burning eyes and broken vision, wasn’t sure exactly why I got LASIK.

Woke up fourteen hours later and out of habbit put my glasses on… Blurry as a soaked newspaper! All I could do was smile. Think even the birds were jealous right then.

“Fella at Subway knew my name before I handed him my card… About as dry as cement gets.

These Arms of Mine by Otis Redding.

This is what happens when we’re friends and it’s your birthday…

Bless her heart.

You taught me so much.

You’re important to me, and so few are.


Made this in college.

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