A friend once described their troubles to be like this. I thought it something.

Weekend Palette.

“His dad is like, a crazy scientist.”

What do you mean?

“Like… beakers and shit.”

— Michael

“The more time I spend at sea, the more I’m amazed by those sailors of yore who set out in flimsy wooden ships, unsure of even the shape of the world. Men nowadays need cojones like that. By all means, study the map, plot a logical course, and take adequate provisions, but don’t be afraid to push off from shore. I had a crazy idea that I thought just might work, and pursued it. You probably have lots of ideas. Go ahead and pursue one. That single, simple step is what separates the men that history remembers from the ones it doesn’t.”

— Joe Kita

Daft Punk inspiration for my perspiration.

But so long as I know, its okay.

Duncan the Navigator.

This is a photograph I took of my friend Drew. His beard is filled with wisdom.

Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths.

You’re everything Mom. No distance can change that.

Can’t take credit for the idea. It was the one fond of bacon.

The man died before I was born, but managed to teach me how to play a guitar.

Baby Please Don’t Go by Muddy Waters.

And I’m not the losing kind.

Love it.

Revisted from 1/17. Couldn’t let this one be.

Come On Up To The House, a Tom Waits song covered by Thrice.

One day. Don’t know which, but surely one of them.

The River Knows Your Name by John Hiatt.

The 24-year long war with my sweet tooth rages onward.

I’ll Believe In Anything by Wolf Parade.

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