Hello, my name is Kyle Smith and this is my Six Foot Giraffe. A growing collection of personal art, thoughts, and memories. It's what I call the blog of sorts I started in 2007. I still keep up with it regularly, with over 1,700 original posts and counting. It's a growing collection of personal art, thoughts, and memories. I consider the work I do there to be my most important, and only aspire for it to inspire. I encourage you to have a look around.

to start?
I get it. 1771 posts across 13 years is a lot of content. So I put some of my favoirtes together all in one place.

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New posts on Mondays. But not always EVERY Monday. I do my best, but life happens and I often miss the mark. As they say, you can’t rush art.

Shop prints & apparel. I partner with a few distributors so I can spend more time making art, and none at the post office. I update these shops a few times a year.

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Say Hello. Few things make my day more than learning someone was inspired after looking through Six Foot Girafe. If you’re inspired, I’m inspired. So reach out and let me know. Helps me keep it all going week after week, year after year.

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