This is a slide from the pitch deck I created for my game, Greenfield. I share the deck with people trying to understand more about the project and its status. Greenfield has gotten a lot of attention since announcing it, landing somewhere in the mild end of the viral spectrum. It was unexpected, and if I’m being honest, alarming. It brings a layer of expectation that hasn’t been at all part of Greenfield’s development.

These are all good things though. This attention has granted me the opportunity to connect with and learn from other independent game developers, as well as attract meetings with publishers interested in the project. Seeing the caliber of some of the publishers in my inbox transports me to the twilight zone. It’d be like if you were making an independent film, and Netflix or HBO cold reached out to you because they’re interested in it.

Since the New Year I’ve been diverting a lot of my time and energy towards Greenfield. Going as far as limiting paying client work to 2-3 days a week, and once Greenfield is further along, possibly doing away with client work all together so long as it’s viable. All this is to say, posts on Six Foot Giraffe will be even farther and fewer in between than they already were. That feels bitter sweet to me but the reality is, if you’re up to bat, you gotta swing.

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