My friend Jon Kim, who once convinced me he was from, and escaped North Korea. I believed and told this to people for at least a year. Still a running joke.

For years now, no longer than a few weeks have gone by without catching up over beers. Sometimes talking about nothing, sometimes talking with weight in our words. Always enjoyed the conversations.

He’s moving to Seattle today, so there’ll be a bit less of all that. I’m glad to see him go though. Nothing sad about a friend chasing opportunity, trying to better their life. Upwards and onwards.

Godspeed Jon Kim.

There was no “Four”

I found these words, but almost lost them. You get more wisdom with age, but you also get more forgetful.

Today is this mans birthday, and this man is Michael. Got a lot of stories with this one, known him seven years now.

We moved to Los Angeles around the same time. Like to think we leaned on each other a bit. But really, it was more me leaning on him. I owe him a lot. His family too.

Many adventures, many more to pass.

Line from one of my favorite films.