This is one of my favorite drinking songs. Unfortunately, I don’t think my friends are familiar with it.

Answer In One Of These Bottles by Caitlin Rose.

These are my friends. The kind that when asked to bring a chair to a party in my empty apartment, bring a couch. I was about as low as hell, for a long time, before I met these people. I’m so lucky, and I know that well.

92 triangles.

Sometimes, we drink.

Fine now, for the record.

Have this one too much.

Highway Patrolman by Bruce Springsteen.

Dreams have a way of taking me to see people and places that I’ve worked very hard to forget.

Boy to man did me in.

Age holds no better number.

Guess its a toss up.

High school art class self portrait, I was seventeen years old.

The price of being able to see over the fridge.

That weight could be heavier. I’m grateful.

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