Every morning I read a news digest that gives me the broad strokes of what happened in the world while I was sleeping. Every night I read it again, to learn what happened while I was working.

Mainly, it contains awful things, but it’s still my responsibility to read it everyday.

Sometimes breakthroughs in science, medicine and technology make it in. Articles about real progress. These articles make me happy.

But mainly, I read about people hurting and killing each other, in various scales. Day in and day out. It is troubling, and I can’t imagine it changing.

The best you can do, is harden your heart.

Brought home a little Dalí inspiration from Spain.

The 24-year long war with my sweet tooth rages onward.

Someone is regularly salting snails on the sidewalk, near my front door. Got my bottom dollar on the elementary school kids who learn directly across from my home.