Thanks to my friend George for taking the original picture this piece is based on.

My favorite piece of dialogue from There Will Be Blood.

I needed it.

My abilities don’t do her much justice. Never learned to make my lines perfect.

My grandmother told me this is where I was, after seeing some drawings I made. It was the first time I saw how transparent a thought and a few lines could make me. You don’t ever wanna go showing your cards.

Anyhow, It was years ago. I just happened to be thinking about it, and her.

Revisted from 1/17. Couldn’t let this one be.

The River Knows Your Name by John Hiatt.

I’ve got a problem.

Line from one of my favorite films.

When I can’t sleep, I just remember that we’re floating through space. Its reassuring.

Ladies and Gentlemen by Spiritualized.

Pretending I can paint.

Michelle the Invincible.

Giovanni the Resourceful.

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