I was a textbook illustrator for my college when this fortune found me. I was thankful to have had a job straight out of school and met some truly genuine people there. Three months in, I got a phone call that changed the entire course of my life.

In short, I put in my two weeks and moved to Los Angeles, California to start anew.

Of Minor Prophets And Their Prostitute Wives By Pedro The Lion.


Easily, one of the most exhausting and unpleasant experiences of my young life. Makes for a decent story though.

Always secretly feared this as a kid.


Shaking your hand is the closest I’ve ever come to meeting the wind.

Graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts & Design. Was even asked to speak at my graduation. More importantly though, schools out for life.

Age holds no better number.

Looking back, I think it was only me at the time.

Memorial day.

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