Your hands are too dainty to uncork the terrible things I keep.

Its a heart.

Infinitely unattractive.

Spent a good majority of my elementary school career doodling up contraptions that would enable me to fly. Even collected a few feathers on my walks home.

This is my chair. Always preferred a good solid wooden chair. One that creaks and cracks when I balance on its back legs. Call me old fashioned, but it feels more human than the 15-point adjustment ergonomic alternative.

Dan is one of my best friends. He’s a good guy, through and through.

This was his reply to our very dainty friend Michelle, when she was in pain from bumping her knee into I can’t remember what. I thought it was quite classy though.

A man named Skelly.

Boy to man did me in.

One year of doodles.


Those clouds seem to follow my brother around.

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