My friend Vanessa mailed me a doodle, which now has a peaceful home on my refrigerator door. Of course, I was infinitely late in returning the favor.

I’m a fan of nostalgia.

A quote excerpt from Antoine de Saint-Exupery. One of a few doodles mailed to my friend Erin, on her birthday.

A large piece of wood that rests against a wall in my living room. I’ll probally never finish it, and never hang it.

Anne and Andy’s cat, Momo. Sometimes I take care of her. She’s alright, for a cat and all.

Have this one too much.

The WHAT-IF monsters chattering their what-if’s in my head while I try to sleep.

Fine now, for the record.



I’m convinced New York City is a living thing.

Someone is regularly salting snails on the sidewalk, near my front door. Got my bottom dollar on the elementary school kids who learn directly across from my home.

Naked and Red by Colour Revolt.

The EXACT reason why I eat nothing from the sea.

Pretending I can paint.

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