Taken at the LA State Historic Park during FYF, a two day music festival during Labor Day weekend. Givers played my favorite set of both days. It’s so inspiring to see and hear such talent. I remember standing there feeling like I needed to be somewhere else. Creating something of my own. Not just watching. But I truly enjoyed the set, and even more so the company. So I’m glad I wasn’t.

But still, I want to create more. I want to inspire.

They were playing Atlantic when I took this and they dedicated it to their lost friend Eddie. It was heartfelt. This girl’s voice could move a mountain.

Atlantic by Givers.

“The more time I spend at sea, the more I’m amazed by those sailors of yore who set out in flimsy wooden ships, unsure of even the shape of the world. Men nowadays need cojones like that. By all means, study the map, plot a logical course, and take adequate provisions, but don’t be afraid to push off from shore. I had a crazy idea that I thought just might work, and pursued it. You probably have lots of ideas. Go ahead and pursue one. That single, simple step is what separates the men that history remembers from the ones it doesn’t.”

— Joe Kita