The last known photograph of Alexis wearing corrective lenses, and the first of her under the influence of Valium. Took the leap and joined the rest of us in the Lasik cult. She did good, proud of her.

My eye has been at it about a week now. The wonders of getting older.


A few Hours in a few seconds.

He had a staring problem.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by The Platters.

When I got home with burning eyes and broken vision, wasn’t sure exactly why I got LASIK. Woke up fourteen hours later and out of habbit put my glasses on… Blurry as a soaked newspaper! All I could do was smile. Think even the birds were jealous right then.


Someone is regularly salting snails on the sidewalk, near my front door. Got my bottom dollar on the elementary school kids who learn directly across from my home.

Something I read.