Oscar the frenchie. First met him when he was no larger than a balled up t-shirt. I can also remember seeing the first signs of gray in his beard. He was my old boss’s dog, but it wasn’t long before he became the studio mascot.

He peed while walking in zig-zags, creating something Jackson Pollock inspired by the time he was done. He dragged his paws when he walked, and I swear sometimes he’d just exhale and roll his eyes at you. Eyes that pointed in two completely different directions. He was a lazy, ridiculous, charming dog, that everyone loved because he made everyone smile.

So long bud, you’re already missed.

This is Jay (and Oscar and Amelie).

Colleague, mentor, dear friend, and hero. I made this for his birthday and was glad to hear the ridiculousness of it put a smile on his face.

Truthfully, I think he has more muscles in real life.